4Life RiteStart Kids & Teens Review – Boost your Child’s Immune System

Aug 31, 2020 | Reviews

4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens

To keep your children strong and healthy, it’s important to give them a proper diet, exercise, and supplement that boost their immune system every day.

What is 4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens?

4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens is a delicious chewable with essential vitamins, minerals, and transfer factors that serve as daily support for growing kids and teens. 

What are the Primary Benefits of 4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens?

hat are the Primary Benefits of 4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens

Strong bones and muscles

The best time to support bone and muscle development is during childhood and early teen years as they won’t be fully developed until the late teen years. 4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens is rich in vitamin D, d-calcium pantothenate, and zinc for ultimate bone and muscle support. 

Boosts brain functions

Vitamin Bs help in the production of new brain cells which are crucial during childhood. RiteStart® Kids & Teens contains essential B vitamins to boost children’s brain functions. 

Strengthens immune system 

4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens features transfer factors, tiny messengers that educate the immune cells to recognize, respond to, and remember threats faster. This heightens your child’s defense and resistance against bacteria and viruses that cause illness.

Healthy visions

4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens is also rich in vitamin A that protects the eye membrane and cornea against harmful factors to maintain sharp eyesight. 

Fights free radicals 

4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens serves as potent antioxidants that protect your kids against free radicals and oxidative stress that weaken and destroy healthy cells. 

4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens Key Ingredients

Key Ingredientsss

Vitamin A – For healthy eyesight and tissue repair

Vitamin E and C – Serve as antioxidants for overall wellness

Vitamin Bs – Includes riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, and vitamin B6 for healthy brain and muscle functions

Iron – Helps in the production of blood cells

Transfer Factors – Includes UltraFactor XF, OvoFactor, and NanoFactor to raise the immune cells IQ

What Do People Say About 4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens?

“I am a medical doctor. At first I was a bit skeptical about the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor until I began to notice the immune support it provided to my patients. I decided to give my four year-old son 4Life Transfer Factor Kids to help support his immune system. Today he is a healthy little boy. He now takes swimming lessons. One thing that I cannot do without in my household is Transfer Factor Kids. My entire family takes 4Life products. They really are gifts of life.” – Edgard B. 4Life Distributor, Colombia 

“My wife and I take RiteStart and our baby takes 4Life Transfer Factor Kids. We feel like these products have supported healthy energy levels for us. Our experience has been great with the use of these products. My wife and I go to work happy and energized and our baby seems happy. I’m glad we are taking these products.” – Ramon A. 4Life Distributor, California

Where to Buy 4Life?

4Life RiteStart® Kids & Teens and other related products are available on 4Life Estore, a leading 4Life distributor that offers a wide range of products. Visit our website to learn about our exclusive promotions and discounts. 


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