4Life Transfer Factor Riovida Review – The First Liquid Supplement by 4Life

Apr 6, 2020 | Reviews

Our immune system serves as our greatest defense against illnesses. Recently, an infectious disease that attacked the immune system plagued the world. Is your immune system strong enough to combat this disease? 

What is 4Life Riovida? 

What is 4Life Riovida

Riovida is the first-ever liquid supplement by 4Life. It contains UltraFactor, OvoFactor, and NanoFactor – patented ingredients that educate the immune cells to recognize, respond to, and remember threats. It also contains fruit extracts with the highest concentration of antioxidants to fight free radicals.

4 Benefits of 4Life Riovida

  • Boost Immune System 

4Life Riovida contains transfer factors – these are molecules that contain the memory of the immune response with active defense against illnesses. Once consumed, they transfer the memory to the immune cells of the host which results in faster immune response and enhanced immunity. So with every ounce of 4Life Riovida, your immune system gets the essential support it needs to keep you healthy!

  • Boosts the Natural Killer Cells Activity

The natural killer cells also known as NK cells are the first line of defense against viral infections. They also respond rapidly to several types of tumor cells.

The transfer factors formulated in 4Life Riovida boost the natural killer cell activity by up to 400%! Four times higher than normal! With the natural killer cells activity enhanced, you have heightened defense against all sorts of viral infections and chronic illnesses!

  • Prevents Oxidative Stress

With many environmental factors contributing to oxidative stress, optimal health would seem impossible to achieve. Oxidative stress is the imbalance between the antioxidants and free radicals that damage healthy cells.

4Life Riovida is rich in antioxidants that inhibit the formation of free radicals, preventing oxidative stress. Thus, keeping sickness away! Antioxidants also protect and renew your skin, which suggests that 4Life Riovida is also beneficial to your skin! 

  • Increases Energy and Boosts Overall Performance 

Fatty acids serve as energy to the muscles, heart, and other organs. They keep them functioning and enhance their performance. 

4Life Riovida is rich in fatty acids that naturally sustains your body and vital organs! With your body systems functioning at an optimum level, you can see a drastic improvement in your overall performance! 

6 Key Ingredients of 4Life Riovida

  • UltraFactor – protein from cow colostrum to educate the immune cells
  • OvoFactor – protein from chicken egg yolk for boosting the natural killer cells 
  • NanoFactor – filtered cow colostrum for enhanced immunity

      Antioxidant content is measured in terms of ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

  • Acai juice – a type of berry with 15,405 ORAC per 100 grams. Ten times higher than other berries.
  • Elderberry – the second highest-antioxidant fruit with 14,700 ORAC per 100 grams.
  • Pomegranate-  2,860 ORAC per 100 grams

What Do People Say About 4Life Riovida?

What is 4Life Riovida

Many factors influence our immune system, but with 4Life Riovida you have a stronger immune system functioning at its best! Here’s what people have to say. 

“It has the highest of all the transfer factor in the entire line. Combining this with TF-Plus can boost your immune system so your body can actually recover more quickly from chemotherapy.” Ia R, El,Paso

“This stuff is fantastic! Not only does it taste GREAT but it also builds your immune system up to 437%! My kids love it and it’s perfect for anyone that doesn’t like to take pills but also wants to boost their immune system naturally. There are legitimately no products like these! I’d recommend this to everyone.” – Pia M, Townsend, DE

If you want to order 4Life Riovida for a stronger immune system, it’s available on 4Life Estore, a leading distributor of 4Life products. Visit our website today for exclusive promotions and discounts! 

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