4Life DayStar Shade SPF 40 Moisturizing Sunscreen


The sun brings us life and light, but when it comes to skin, too much of a good thing can be damaging. Daystar Shade combines SPF 40 and other fortifying, nutrient-rich ingredients formulated to protect and replenish.

pH neutral and purified water are combined with sunscreens, Vitamins E and C, sumptuous oils, emollients, and unique protectants. Day Star Shade helps to brighten and shield skin against sun damage, support against modern urban stressors, and maintain skin’s moisture levels. Plus, there is no oxybenzone or octinoxate, which are ingredients known to harm our ocean reefs.



Main Features

• Provides an age-defying, broad spectrum sunscreen

• Creates an environmental veil against modern urban environmental stressors like air pollution, cigarette smoke, dirt, and blue light from digital devices

• Decreases the risk of skin damage and early skin aging caused by the sun, if used as directed with other sun protection measures

Key Ingredients

• Homosolate helps protect your skin against ultraviolet B rays, which are associated with DNA damage.

• Zinc oxide is another active ingredient in sunscreens that helps to protect your skin against UV rays, mostly UVA rays.

• Octisalate absorbs UVB rays and helps make a formula water-resistant, and it can offer protection from the sun.

• Hydroxyapatite is a new ingredient in sunscreen products, and it helps bolster the UV protection provided by the formula.

• Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate brightens and smooths the complexion while supporting a look of firmness and tautness.


As the last step of your morning skincare regimen, apply desired amount to your fingertips and evenly distribute across your face, neck, chest, and the tops of your hands to achieve uniform coverage. Follow with makeup as desired and re-apply throughout the day as needed.


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