4Life ShapeRite


Cheat day? That’s OK! ShapeRite is a weight management supplement designed to support you along your body transformation journey as your cheat day buddy. This scientifically researched formula includes power ingredients like chitosan, dragonfruit extract, and hydrolyzed yeast extract to help offset the negative effects of high-fat, high-carbohydrate, and starch-heavy meals by binding fats and blocking excess carbohydrates and sugars. ShapeRite also offers appetite control and supports healthy glucose and cholesterol levels while helping balancing sugars. When sugars are balanced, calorie intake is more controlled, and you can better meet your weight management goals. Take three to six (3-6) capsules 30 minutes before a high-fat or high-carbohydrate meal to create a leaner, sleeker body with a shape that’s just right for you!*



Primary Support
Weight management*
Secondary Support
Heart health*
Main Features
• Can assist in decreasing excess body weight if used as directed and combined with a healthy diet and exercise*
• Supports fat and sugar metabolism and balances satiety hormones*
• Features chitosan and white bean extract to support weight management*
• Contains dragon fruit to support antioxidants and healthy cardiovascular function*
Key Ingredients
• Chitosan – A naturally occurring substance that can bind ingested fats and prevent fat in the digestive tract from being absorbed into the body*
• White Bean Extract – Supports healthy body weight and fat by reducing weight gain caused by excess sugar intake*
• Dragon Fruit – Supports antioxidant and cardiovascular functions for healthy weight management. Also supports fat and sugar metabolism.*
• Yeast Hydrosalte [peptide-rich] – shown in clinical trials to aid in fat loss, appetite control, and weight management. Has also been shown to be more efficient in its peptide form than in yeast extract.*
Serving size: 6 capsules.
90 capsules per bottle.
Directions for use:
Take 3 – 6 capsules 30 minutes prior to a high fat or high carbohydrate meal. Do not take more than 12 capsules per day.