4Life Immune IQ Advanced Plus Pack

Enjoy concentrated and powerful immune system support with three of our top products.*



2—4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula

• Educates, enhances, and balances the immune system with the exclusive Tri-Factor Formula*

• Boosts natural killer cell activity by up to 437%*1

• Contains UltraFactor XF®, OvoFactor®, and NanoFactor® extract

• Contains certified 4Life Transfer Factor® to Raise Your Immune I.Q.®*

2—Pre/o Biotics

• Promotes the growth of beneficial/friendly intestinal flora with five strains of highly-researched probiotics*

• Contains three types of prebiotics to optimize growth of healthy probiotics*

• Stimulates growth of the probiotics found in Pre/o Biotics by up to 868% with the inclusion of 4Life Tri-Factor® Formula*+

1—4Life NanoFactor Glutamine Prime

• Supplies fuel to immune cells with glutamine, an important amino acid*

• Enhances communication between immune cells with NanoFactor® extract for a more coordinated immune response when under stress*

• Provides synergistic immune system support when taken with other 4Life Transfer Factor® products*